Considerations beyond Quality for Car-Buying Decisions

In yesterday's blog post, "Taking a Closer Look at Automotive Quality", I explained that there's very little real difference in the quality of vehicles that are produced by most of the major automotive manufacturers.  On Wednesday, we discussed the perception of quality versus the reality in light of Toyota's Stop-Sale on eight of their models.

Today, I'd like to discuss the factors beyond the quality of the vehicle, model or brand that you might want to consider as you research your next car purchase.   A short list of these factors includes:
  • Do you like the styling of the car?  You want to be excited and proud of this vehicle for the next three years?
  • Does it have the seating capacity and cargo space you need?
  • What about the warranty? Cost of maintenance? Technology offered? (Head's up display? Cruise control? Rear-view camera? DVD player?)
  • What are the car's safety ratings?
  • How about performance? Is it fun to drive? Do you need towing capacity? Does it have the performance technology you desire? (ABS braking, traction control?)
  • Where will you purchase it?  Do you know which local dealer you would choose to partner with for the next few years?
Yes, that's right, I said "partner".

I believe that if you're going to offer your hard-earned money to the dealer, then it's the dealer's responsibility to make sure that your ownership experience is everything you expect it to be and more. 

The dealer has a vested interest in delivering that experience to you, because we are dependent upon your repeat business and referrals.  You see, it is a partnership that we both invest in.

As I've said before, consumers should do more investigating and considering when researching their next vehicle purchase.  As you can see with Toyota's headlines, simply buying a vehicle based on the belief that you're getting the best quality available may leave you disappointed.
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