Audi Lights the Way with New Technology

The new Audi A8, which hits showroom floors later this fall, will feature a world first: Audi Matrix LED headlights. With this new lighting technology, Audi continues to build their lead in the realm of automotive lighting.

The Matrix LED system splits the LED high beam into multiple individual, smaller lights that work together with a series of lenses. Each individual light is activated or deactivated depending on the situation. This allows for high-precision illumination and maximum light yield.

In the A8, each headlight is made up of 25 high-beam lights. When the camera detects oncoming cars, the Matrix LED headlights dip the lights that would shine directly onto oncoming cars. When there is no oncoming traffic, the headlights return to full power.

The light produced by Audi Matrix LED technology has a crystalline sheen that is not only brighter to the driver, but more attractive and distinctive as well.

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