We are truly excited to recognize Steven Sprott as the March 2023 Jim Ellis Client Champion! Steven Sprott is a technician for Porsche Atlanta Perimeter. Steven was nominated by General Manager Mike Boyd. 
The Jim Ellis Client Champion award has been presented monthly since 2014 to a Jim Ellis team member who goes above and beyond to deliver the Jim Ellis Promise to one of our guests. With more than 1,600 team members in the organization, only a small percentage of team members each year receive this honor. 
Here is the story behind why Steven was nominated as the monthly Client Champion:
On a rainy and cold morning, Mike Boyd received a call from Jim Ellis Vice President Stacey Hodges notifying him that there was a lady stranded with a flat tire on the side of the road in her Cayenne. She suggested that he should send someone out to offer assistance, so Mike reached out to the service manager to see what he could do. He then reached out to the shop foreman, David Stewart, and a technician, Steven Sprott, who both dropped everything immediately. They jumped in a loaner vehicle, grabbed a spare tire and impact wrench, and started making their way over to the 285 overpass to assist the customer. When they arrived, she said she had called AAA a while ago and was still waiting on them to arrive. David and Steven wasted absolutely no time in offering their assistance by taking the flat off and putting the spare on so she could follow them back to the dealership. She was overjoyed to be receiving such kind service without having to ask, as it was still pouring down rain. Once the tire had been replaced, the team members headed back to the dealership with the customer following behind. She ended up purchasing four tires and an alignment and was quickly back on her way with a smile on her face. Thank you Steven for your role in helping us earn a client for life.
Congratulations, Steven! We appreciate everything that you do. 
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