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Jim Ellis Automotive Group received the 2020 Consumers’ Choice Award (CCA) for Automobile Group Dealer of The Year. According to the CCA mission statement, the award group recognizes businesses that “exemplify superior customer service, integrity and professionalism.”
“As we arrive at celebrating 50 years in business for Jim Ellis Automotive, I am thrilled to include with that a 17th year as a Consumers’ Choice Award winner,” said Jim Ellis Automotive Group President and CEO Jimmy Ellis. “This accolade is a timely reminder that not only have we made it to the 50-year mark, but that we have accomplished it while being one of the best automotive dealership groups you can do business with. It means so much to us that our customers and communities know how much we value them and all of our employees. We look forward to earning this award and your business for the next 50 years!”
Dedicated to providing excellent customer service since the Ellis family opened their flagship Volkswagen store in Chamblee in 1971, the Jim Ellis Automotive Group has a track record of superior customer service where customers have learned they can “always expect the best.” Being a family-owned and -operated business, Jim Ellis Automotive Group strives to meet the needs of every customer and to support the surrounding communities. 
Recipients of the Consumers’ Choice Award are selected through a four-phase process that includes:  
  1. Nominations
  2. Campaigning
  3. Voting
  4. Ethics Review
Consumers have the opportunity to nominate companies as candidates via phone and the CCA website. Those nominated are made aware of their nomination and equipped with marketing tools to let the community know they are a nominee and to let people know how they can go about voting. The CCA also promotes the voting process via television and social media. Companies nominated for their particular industry category are then included in the voting process conducted by Survey Sampling International, an independent polling company. Consumers are asked to consider the issues of Professionalism, Customer Service and Value when voting for their favorite business. Finally, a business ethical review is performed by an independent advisory panel.
To come out on top after the vetting process and voting by consumers means a lot to the Jim Ellis Automotive Group and we look forward to many more years of offering wonderful service to our past, present and future customers!
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