At Jim Ellis Automotive, our core business is selling and servicing vehicles. However, our real passion is providing mobility solutions to help our customers and communities thrive. After all, vehicles do more than simply get us from place to place. They help us create memories and special moments in our lives. Moments that truly matter. 
We all remember our first car. The way it made us feel. The freedom it provided. How it changed our lives. We quickly discovered that our car opened the door to adventure. That it was best enjoyed with the windows down, radio up and tongue flapping in the wind.
Sometimes we drove too fast. Sometimes we were afraid to reach the speed limit. And sometimes we didn't move at all. We learned that the rearview mirror doubles as a vanity mirror. That the dashboard is a great spot for a family photo. And that the back window is the best place to write, "Just Married!" We discovered that a car is much more than just a car.

It became our dinner table. Our own private karaoke room. It's where we laugh, and where we sometimes cry. In one space, it provides our connection to the world. As well as our private place of solitude. As it turns out, our car keys did more than just start the car. For many of us, they started careers. They enabled us to provide for our families. They empowered us to help those in need. And while the concept of the connected car may be new, cars have been connecting our families for decades. It's where we get answers to questions like "how was your day", "what's new" and the ever popular "are we there yet." 
You see, at Jim Ellis Automotive, we're all in when it comes to serving our customers and communities. We take great pride when we hand over a set of keys, because we know we're delivering much more than just a car. We have the privilege of providing customers with mobility solutions that help them create moments that matter. 

And that's what matters most to us.